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January 16th, 2014, 09:46 AM
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Hello Girls! I am back and in this group to try for baby #2 - transfer on calendar tentative for first week of February! ;o)

Small background on me, going through IVF due to male factor issues. Did our first fresh cycle summer of 2011, was pregnant but sadly miscarried at 7 wks (did not find out until 9 wks.) We had two frosties from that cycle, went back in Feb 2012 for the first one, which gave us our beautiful daughter who is now 14 months old. We already went back for our last frosty Nov 2013, but that was a BFN, so back to a second fresh cycle I go!

I actually start my injections tonight and go in on Monday for my first monitoring appointment to see how things are going. I am excited but also a little nervous as the last time I did a fresh cycle, I miscarried. I am trying not to relate them, but am finding that a little hard to do at times.

Having been through it before, I feel like I am a little bit more laid back about things, in the sense I am not putting too much pressure on these first few attempts of trying again, as everything has to be just right. I always prepare myself for the worse case scenerio to protect myself, which isn't always the best but it helps me stay more realistic/logical, if you will.

Of course, with that said, we want it to work every time we go through this, that is a given! I send positive vibes to everyone as they start a new journey!!!

Welcome back Leah!!!!!

Welcome back Leah!!!!!

I might be in the wrong group, but I think everyone in the other group is at the end of things, so I figured it would make more sense to join here - hope you girls don't mind ;o)
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