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January 16th, 2014, 02:42 PM
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Ok, thank you. I'll be there Friday morning. As for Saturday, yes, I am planning on being there for both parties.

I'm not ignoring your attorney, or your attempts to discuss this case with me. I am forwarding everything to my brother's girlfriend, who works for the attorney that will be representing me. I am sorry that it is taking so long for you to receive the responses you desire. I am just trusting them to handle this case, as there is a lot involved, and I don't really know how to handle some stuff. Please be patient. I'll let her know that you are getting anxious.

Is there a reason that I am no longer receiving updates for Owen's soccer schedule?? I was on the list last season... There should be no reason that I was removed from the mailing list. What time are his games on Saturday? I, also, don't feel that Owen should have to play both games every single weekend. I do think that it is a good idea for him to try it once or twice though.

So I talked to our lawyer, who basically called her an idiot. He said, "Either she IS represented or she ISN'T, there is no in between!" Even if he's not officially representing her, but is giving her advice, than SHE needs to be replying to my emails.

So we sent this.

We will figure something out regarding the birthday parties. We have a lot planned this weekend, but I do want to make sure he is able to attend each party, but it might not be for the entire length of each. You can have your visitation time during the parties, as he will be there for at least three hours.

Regarding the case: Until you are officially represented by an attorney, and I receive his notice of appearance, you still need to be communicating with us and our attorney. Our attorney has asked you some questions that I would like to know the answer to. Are you intending for this case to go all the way to trial, or are you open to settling outside of court? Please know my only intention here is Owen's well being. I would love to increase your time together, however, that cannot be done outside of a settlement, or completion of the trial. I want to say, again, BM, that I assure you I am not trying to "take Owen away" from you. I am only trying to do what is best for him. I hope you can understand that. I still fully intend for you to be an important part of his life. I fully intend to discuss major decisions with you, and share aspects of his life. I am not trying to cut you out. I am sure we would both like to keep this out of trial. I cannot stress to you enough how much better it's going to be for Owen if WE make the decisions, as opposed to the judge. Are you open to discussing a settlement, would you like to receive the counselors report first, or are you intending to go to trial? If you are not comfortable making a decision until you are fully represented, I can respect that. But please try to obtain that representation as soon as possible, as the trial is rapidly approaching. As I have said before, I am more than willing to sit down and discuss this all out in an effort to resolve this amicably.

In regards to Owen's soccer: This is a brand new season. I can continue to do what the judge recommended and relay any pertinent information to you. Please note that the entire seasons schedule has been posted online. I am not yet sure which of the two teams Owen is on. As soon as I receive that information, I will let you know. It is also not up to Owen, or us for that matter, if he plays one game or two. That will be entirely up to the coach. If he asks Owen if he'd like to play both games one day, and Owen is up for it, then obviously we will allow it. But since there are two teams this season, Owen should be playing the entire game, whereas last time, there were a lot of subs because the team was so large. Playing an entire game might tire Owen out more than the half game he is used to playing. We'll see. Any changes to the email roster, or any concerns you have regarding soccer outside what I have offered should be directed to the coach.

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