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January 16th, 2014, 02:59 PM
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just lurking around but I wanted to comment on how you are feeling! First of all gender disappointment is a real thing and you shouldn't feel bad for the way you are feeling right now. I have a boy and a girl and I was going to wait until birth to find out the gender of our 3rd baby but I knew if I did that I would have gender disappointment if it was a boy because I really wanted another girl! So at 16 weeks I made an appointment to find out the gender and found out that I was having another boy! I must admit I was surprised because I thought I was having a girl based on my symptoms and heart rate. So when I saw boy parts I was kind of disappointed. I was with my older kids and when I got to the car I cried and I felt guilty for feeing the way I did. It took me a few days to really come to terms with having another boy and I started thinking of all the exciting things like keeping my sons clothing and toys and my boys being good buddies and sharing a room, because my daughter wanted her own princess room she was happy. I stopped looking at girly clothes and just accepted that fact that I would have another boy and that he was healthy and that was all that mattered. Fast forward to now he is 5 months old and I just love my little guy soo much and don't ever wish that he was a girl ok sorry that was a little long...
I hope with time you are able to accept that you will have another boy and that your daughter will be the princess!
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