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January 16th, 2014, 07:03 PM
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Honestly, I would stop trying to justify and explain and reason with her right now. Y'all have stated your goals and explained where you're coming from already, and continuing to do it isn't going to make her anymore cooperative, KWIM? I mean, it's certainly not going to hurt you here - it just seems like a lot of emotional energy to keep putting into it to say things you've already said. I hope that makes sense.

Seriously, though. Your lawyer is right - she's either got representation (in which case, your lawyer would contact hers directly and he needs that contact information) or she doesn't and she's just consulting, in which case *she* needs to respond to your attorney directly. I'm assuming her brother's girlfriend as a paralegal or legal secretary or something? My honest guess is bm is either bull****ting or stalling or hasn't reached out to them at all yet, because any paralegal or legal secretary would know that too.

It's so much fun when they make simple processes complicated and drawn out.

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