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January 16th, 2014, 07:39 PM
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My first son was definitely high strung and high needs. He was always SCREAMING. I remember getting a sinking feeling in my stomach when he would wake up because I knew he'd start screaming at any time. As he got older and was able to occupy himself more that eased. Especially once he began to crawl and pull himself up. Then he calmed way down. Even now when he is super cranky and mean spirited if I just chase him around the house or toss him outside to run himself silly he calms down. If he wasn't able to concentrate on things so well and have a small sense of organization (he's 2 1/2) I'd begin to wonder about him needing evaluation when he got older, lol.

Because you have a young infant already and because the first trimester is a real kicker, I would start to train your two older children on how to do basic things for themselves. Your oldest should be able to dress themselves and help the 3 year old (lay out the clothing). You can also store cereal and things low down so they can make their own breakfasts. "Pack" lunches the night before so all they need to do is pull them out of the fridge. It sounds really hands off but you never know WHEN you're going to have to crash and sleep or when you'll be puking or taking care of the infant.

Once you've gotten used to the idea of having another new LO around start talking to family and friends and stress that you need some relief. Be specific. I really wish I was a lot more specific with my family about what i needed when my second son was born and we struggled hardcore with feeding issues. The result was bare minimum support. Days without sleep, house literally a disaster and possibly a safety hazard, and a toddler who was given a tablet for hours on end. Things improved when my youngest finally got his NG tube.

And remember, you are definitely not alone in this. I was at my doctor's office last week and we were talking about my negative pregnancy test (I had blood work done for unrelated reasons). We talked about fast turn arounds in pregnancy and she said she's seen women come in for their PP check-up at 6 weeks and already be pregnant. It happens.

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