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January 16th, 2014, 07:45 PM
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I miss the partying and drunkeness But my problem is that all my friends are far away from me and I have no excuse to go out and have fun late at night. I'd just be going by myself and that's boring.

Once you have the baby and get a schedule nailed down (it may take a few months, be warned) EVENTUALLY you will be able to carve time out for yourself. Just do it more responsibly. My husband and I have a rule that we both can't be intoxicated at the same time. We can both have drinks but only one of us can drink enough to impair judgement or be unsafe to drive. Also, once you're comfortable, you can let the grandparents hold onto the baby for a night and that will allow you both to go out and party and enjoy yourselves

It's just going to take more planning and there will be times where your baby will trump the partying. It's a balance.

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