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January 17th, 2014, 10:19 AM
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I had a follow up ultrasound January 2. The tech said it was still there but possibly not as bright as it was. That was the good news. Found out today at my appt. that the first image was a Grade 3 (the worst), and this one was about a Grade (2) maybe. The OB said I had genetic testing so that excludes DS, and that is all he is concerned about. No more follow ups. This came from the nurse. When I asked about infections, she said "that is all the Dr.said"...told me to make my next appt in Feb with him if I wanted to ask him questions. It's hard to know if I am over-reacting to this situation or if the OB is just brushing it off and doesn't want to deal with it? There is another OB I can switch to, but it's an hour drive, for every single appt, plus any future testing, non-stress tests, delivery. I had GD with the last 2 pregnancies, and expect it this one as well, which would mean weekly non-stress testing and appts...WAY to much driving and time, as I need to get my kids on and off buses, one of which is only 1/2 a day....but if my OB is just brushing this off when he should be more concerned....
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