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January 17th, 2014, 11:33 AM
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Favorite place to eat out? east side marios is my fave sit down restaurant, im not a big fast food fan
Biggest home birth supporter? im not sure i really have one, my husband i guess, he doesnt think im crazy anymore at least my close JM friends are very supportive too. I think most of my family and friends just get that its "my thing" and though they dont really understand why i would want to, they dont have any bad things to say to me anymore
Do you parent the way you thought you might have or has it evolved over time? more or less, ya i think i do. Im a lot less self righteous now. Prior to having kids i was a nanny for several years, so i kinda thought i already had this parenting gig down pat. since i felt like i was already a sahm for other peoples kids doing it for my own should be a breeze and it wasnt the same at all, so ive had to adjust my attitude and let go of a lot of little things. I do lots of little things i said i wouldnt, my kids have eaten fast food and sometimes i bribe them with candy, there are days im too tired and we eat popcorn and watch movies all day, and im ok with that now, but they arent things i saw myself doing
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