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January 17th, 2014, 04:17 PM
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my first labor was induced with pitocin and hurt like a mo fo. i didnt get an epidural, but ill be honest - i totally wanted one.

2nd labor, walked in to the hospital pushing because i didnt realize i was in labor til i was pushing..i think largely because it was SO different than the pitocin labor. it was uncomfortable, but not painful

3rd labor i knew i was in labor and thought i was further than i was when i got to the hospital. i was only 3cm, but 100% effaced - i wouldve guessed myself closer to 7cm or something there was a midwife i really disliked there and my labor stopped until the nurses kicked her out - once she was out i went 5-10 in just a few hours. this labor was SO intense and overwhelming. there was so much pressure with each contraction i could barely stand it. i didnt want an epidural or anything because it wasnt painful - but it was absolutely overwhelming.

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