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January 18th, 2014, 10:46 PM
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Why hello ladies
I see some familiar faces :wave:

I am Lucy My info is in my siggy! Starting to feel like a pro here *sigh* Not where I thought I would be but onward and upward!
I am transferring two embabies Feb 26th and hope 2014 will be better to me than '12 & '13!

WARM FEET- I have "hotbooties" and they work better at warming my feet when they get cold than just socks! I also bought a heating pad for IVF aches and pains but it works well to warm me pre-transfer

Danielle- I would be taking a bunch of supplements and did when I was prepping! Leah has a great list she is on. I took: ___IVF or bust!___: supplements
I am still on many of them prepping for the FET but less so because I am not building follicles so I am not stressing as much (basically one box is FULL not two now LOL)
Good luck!!!
Due with #3
10 IUIs= one confirmed /IVF= BFN / FET= / FET2= Baby!
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