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January 19th, 2014, 07:34 AM
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Originally Posted by MommyofAngels1985 View Post
I recently got my hair cut short and had bangs added. I haven't had anything other than long straight hair, no layers or anything, since I was 12 so I wanted a change. Well I absolutely love the bangs, but I miss my longer hair, I got like 6 inches whacked off . I figure it will take about half a year until the length will satisfy me because I would like to get about 4 inches of it back. I don't ever use any kind of hair products. Every other day I wash and condition my hair followed by blow drying it. I also find it rediculous to pay anywhere from $16-22 just to have my bangs trimmed once every two weeks to a month so thanks to the help of youtube and a pair of salon scissors I have been trimming my own bangs for almost a month now, and they have never looked so good . I have been getting so good at cutting my own hair that I started cutting my 2 year olds bangs, so adorable!
Well at least, you learned how to cut your own hair. .
I actually want to get a new haircut
but no idea yet what will suit my rounded face..
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