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January 19th, 2014, 04:50 PM
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Hey ladies,

Sorry I haven't been on much. Life has been hectic... I'm sure we've all been there

Things between my ex and I have been tense to say the least. He's been picking fights with me... Or at least it feels that way.

It doesn't matter what I say to him or talk to him about, he always gets on the defensive. One, because it's his nature. And two, because it's me and I can literally say nothing and he'll get mad.

The first incident is my daughter's schooling. She's in Daycare right now, in a private school. It's a Christian school, and while I'm nooooooooot religious, this school is amazing. The class sizes are tiny, they take the kids to swimming lessons and gymnastics and the teachers are so patient and caring. NOT like the public school system.

My daughter is slightly delayed in speech. She's amazingly smart, and picks up on things super quick, her speech is just not where it should be for a four year old. In the public school system, they're going to view this as a fault, and put her in a different class because in class sizes that are 23+, they just don't have time for her. Where as in this school they will. They'll nurture her, and help her grow and teach her love.

Anyways, she starts Kindergarten in September (which I'm totally not ready for, but that's another topic all together )... The tuition for her to go (since it's a private Christian school) is $333 a month. Which split between the two of us is roughly $166... Totally reasonable. What does he tell me? "I'd rather throw her in the public school system." Well... That's not acceptable to me... This is my daughter's EDUCATION... Which is kind of extremely important in life. I have friends with kids in the public school system (including my step son) and I don't want my daughter going through that. The stories!! I've already decided I'm going to make it work, whether or not he decides to help, but it's super frustrating. When I asked him why he didn't want her going... His response was "Well, every kid I met growing up that went to a private school was snotty and stuck up". Are you kidding me!? That has to do with parenting... Not the school...

Part of the reason he's all uppity about money, is because he quit his job in Alberta... He was working in the oil fields, getting paid GOOD money, and he up and quit. He tells everyone it was because of our daughter, but we all know he quit for his girlfriend. The one he'd been dating for two weeks and had said he loved her. Then a week later she dumped him and gave him a huge list of reasons.

The next thing he was all cranky about, was our daughter's birthday party. It's coming up on February 8th, and I'm busy, busy, busy planning it. She of course wants a Frozen birthday party (since it's her favorite movie, she literally sings the words to every song). I'm doing most things myself, since there's not a lot in stores right now, and I asked him to pay for half. Which will be $50. He won't do it. He literally said "Ummm no. The party thing is really all you. You want to go all out with lots of decorations and stuff that's on you. Snacks I'll go in on or the cake." This was telling me he was going to pay for nothing but show up with his own present and partake. Well... No. That's not what being a parent is about. It's our responsibility to provide her this birthday party. I mean, I'm printing out most things and using Christmas decorations since they work. He hasn't said much to me since, and I told him he can either pay for half, or just not show. I've done nothing but bend over backwards to accommodate him, and be the bigger person. But this isn't fair to me, and is causing me such stress.

There was this girl he was "interested" in, and was two timing. He ended up leading her own and turning around and dating the girl he quit the job for. Well, she's now dating my best friend, and she said he literally makes it sound like everything I'm doing is for vengeance. To get back at him. He actually makes me out to be the crazy ex-wife "b*tch". When literally all I've done is let him walk all over me.

He makes it out that he was the victim in our relationship and the whole thing ended because of me. He doesn't tell people that he hit me multiple times, or that the cops had been called on him, or that I cried myself to sleep multiple nights. That he belittled me and put me down. Yet somehow he was the victim?

Ugh I dunno. I'm sorry to lay this all out. But I have no one else to talk to about this and no one who has split from their significant other and gets it. Especially when there is a kid involved.

And lets not get going on the fleas I have found in my daughters hair from his house... That's a whole other story.
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