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January 19th, 2014, 05:23 PM
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So I failed my 1 hour at over 200 so they would not do a 3 hour. They just threw the GD label at me. First day checking sugars came back perfect and I ate just a hair over what they wanted no exercise. 2 day even more carbs, no exercise still normal. 3rd day the same. I even have desert. my blood sugar levels are fine. I do take Chromium... so maybe that is why. I may test tomorrow without. However I am starting to think my diagnosis is bs. They wanted to automatically schedule me for induction too! I am sorry... but I got diagnosed at 24 weeks... isn't that a little early? They said normal protocol. Well... no thank you! How do they know it is even necessary? The only reasons the give are "chance" of big baby and stillbirth. I am not going to jump into a risky induction for an 8% increase risk of big baby (for UNcnotroled GD btw) or their idle threat of stillbirth. Yes, the newest and biggest study of GD states no evidence of increase risk of stillbirth. There is no connection at all. That is just something they threat. Which is horrible.

So not only am I mad that they are trying (unsuccessfully) to push me into an unnecessary induction (which goes against FDA regulation on Pitocin), but I am not sure that I even have a GD problem at all!?! Has anyone else had this happen?
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