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January 20th, 2014, 09:06 AM
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What a mess. Your ex sounds like a piece of work.

Do you have anything in any kind of SA that would require him to help pay for her schooling? IMO that's a battle worth fighting. The birthday party stuff... eh. We wouldn't pay bm extra $ for birthday party extras, nor would we ask her to contribute to any of our birthday party plans. We've always done separate parties, though, and she receives a pretty hefty support and alimony check as it is. I'm sorry it's so stressful, in any case.

The picture he paints of you is a lot like what my dh's ex paints about him. Abusive, controlling, we're out to get her, and on and on and on... I mean, even our wedding was somehow about her in her mind. We used to swap vehicles for visitation before we had a van, and when she broke our car radio and put hundreds of miles on it every single weekend and we asked her not to put that much use on it, she threw a fit about us wanting to control her social life. We traded in our car for a minivan the same month. I mean, obviously wasn't there for their marriage, but I trust my dh's word more than I do hers, and I've watched her lie and twist and intentionally misconstrue situations that I have been present for so it's not much of a leap to believe she's full of crap about everything prior to my meeting dh too. It is pretty frustrating, but it's one of those things that you really can't do anything about. I would try to distance yourself from hearing about what he says as much as possible; it will only drive you crazy.

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