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January 20th, 2014, 09:45 AM
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this stars way back to the week of christmas. Keegan (2yrs) started having diarrhea the weekend before. i really wasn't worried about it because they go to daycare and i figured maybe he picked up a bug, or ate something bad. whichever. and plus the entire week of Christmas he was home with DH so i wasn't worried.

the next week, he still had diarrhea. again, not too concered, i wrote it off as another bug or some yucky food. everyday, 3x a day he had diarrhea diapers.

finally last week i told DH i think something is wrong. i started worrying because if he was having this much diarrhea, then he wasn't absorbing any nutrients from the food he was eating. he had also stopped eating as much and just picked at his food (he used to eat everything in sight and then some). after talking to my brother's gf (who was recently diagnosed with celiac) she started asking about what he was eating and how long after he had a bowel movement. she was suggesting maybe we try gluten free and lactose free to just see if his immune system needs a reset. so i bought gluten free bread and lots of fruits and veggies and she gave me a good list on what she has tried that works for her. after taking keegan to same day clinic they had us take a whole bunch of stool samples (that was a TON of fun...) to test for parasites and viruses. they all came back negative.

for two days he ate nothing but gluten free foods and he seemed to be feeling better. he wasn't complaining about his tummy as much and his BM's were beginning to thicken up. then on saturday, at a family party, someone had accidentally given him a bun and i think he was sneaking cookies because out of no where he BLEW up in his diaper. i called the clinic to schedule an app for first thing monday morning.

DH just text me to say the doc has decided to officially test him for celiac. and i'm kind of upset. apart of me wants that to be it so we know how to fix it, but i really don't want my kid to have to give up all these foods that he loves.
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