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January 20th, 2014, 04:25 PM
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Thank you ladies. It's so nice to hear from mom's who have been in the same situation or similar. Some of my friends who are still married or have never split from their baby's daddy, just don't get it.

The birthday party I'm not fighting over, I just don't want him showing up thinking he can partake... It'll make the whole situation awkward, and a birthday party is NOT the place for a fight. He hasn't mentioned much about it since we talked, I mean... I don't mind trying to do the party together. He doesn't have any friends so if he did something for her it would be just him and her. I keep trying to make things easy for the both of us, but he's making it super hard.

I didn't mean that all public schools were bad, and I'm sorry if it came across that way I just meant that the public schools I've heard about in my area seem to be over filled with kids and it's stressful on the kids and on the teachers. I went to some amazing public schools... But that was a different area as well. I guess it just depends on the area.

If he doesn't help pay for her schooling though, I'm going to contact a lawyer... I don't think it's fair that he not pay to help her with school and then gets to see her as much as he does. You're a parent, it's either everything is 50/50 or not. And he certainly shouldn't be allowed to pick and choose what IS 50/50.

I don't talk to him a whole lot as it is. I mean, we have each other on Facebook, but he's stopped posting **** about us on FB. Thank goodness! I try to limit what I talk to him about to just our daughter. He's an extremely negative person and that really wears on me.
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