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January 20th, 2014, 05:48 PM
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Here we go.
2nd appointment was suppose to be in December. I was aware of a 3pm appointment. That's it. They call the day of saying you haven't confirmed the appointment. I said I did and also called a few days ago to make sure on the time because the email has two times. She said it's at 1pm. I said I thought 3. Then she said blood test for down syndrome at 1 and sonogram at 3. Husband called them cause we decided there is no need for the downs testing. So he canceled that. They told him,times opposite of what they told me. Then said we may not need to,come at all and will call you. They never called back. We had to call 2-3 times to see if appointment was canceled or not. They ask where I had my first ultrasound. We said there. They didn't have me down for being there. They talked directly to the doc and she new and corrected the front office lady. Ok that's that one.

Last appointment. This month. This was a big appointment. Blood work and finding out gender. Which I was so excited about. We asked about insurance before any appointments. They said they will accept ours. Suppose to start this mnth. We r at the appointment and get questions done and heart beat. They ask if we have insurance yet. Husband,talks to them and turns out they don't accept our insurance like they said. So we r now looking for a new obgyn ASAP.

Front office staff is horrible. I was so disappointed.
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