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January 20th, 2014, 07:48 PM
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Mine popped up today, too. AF has a way of rearing her ugly head just when you do not want her to.

Keep up the hope!! Keep up the positive thinking!! Your BFP will happen when it is meant to be. One of the things my best friend keeps telling me is that my child will be so loved and so cherished becuase of the struggles we face right now. This goes for ALL of us here! We are preparing and doing everything in the world that we need to in order to concieve a healthy baby and carry it through a healthy pregnancy and through a healthy delivery in order to give him/her a wonderful life full of the type of love that can only be dreamed about! All of us will get that BFP and the time waiting and the pain at every negative will be GONE! We will not ever remember it because it will be blocked out by the joy and excitement of all the things to come!

Do not give up and do not give up hope!!
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