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January 20th, 2014, 10:09 PM
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My son is 8 and was diagnosed w adhd at 4 and then anxiety and then a sleep disorder. I feel like there is more going on. I know you aren't doctors but I'm looking for some opinions. I don't think he has adhd because he can sit all day and play with legos. He can focus on things he likes. Also the me da work for a couple months and then stop. He has extreme anxiety to where he sometimes hares himself for not being able to do things without getting into trouble. He does NOT sleep! He has been on every sleep med they could use and it doesn't work. He has to take 15mg of melatonin to just fall asleep. I've been reading and have tried a few things but nothing seems to help. Since he was a baby he liked to be wrapped like a mummy so he can't move or be hugged tightly to fall asleep. He hurts people's feelings and doesn't care. His opinion is the only opinion and loves to argue. He also has some ocd symptoms and focuses on c we retain things to the point I don't let him play w them. He is also very emotional and gets upset easily and throws a tantrum. He plays w kids younger or older than him. He has a lot of acquaintances but not actual friends. Could he have a high functioning form of aspergers?
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