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January 21st, 2014, 06:40 AM
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Originally Posted by babymama10 View Post
Here too!
Emma also has an ear infection and is going to the doctors in the morning. Its 3am and she
Just stopped fussing. I just hope the snow isn't to deep in the morning. I have to drive the 15
Passenger van in the snow. Its very heavy and slides very easy. I have to drive slow and people get mad
Around here in the snow. I want to tell them I drive slow to save YOU not me! If I crash into you
I will be fine in that big tank but you I promise will not! Two people have crashed into me. One acura
Was totaled and one truck crashed into my back bumper (chrome) and his engine went crunched up in his dash board.
We barely felt it only rolling at 10 miles an hour in traffic. He fell asleep. Not even a scratch on my bumper. Insurance
Could not believe I hope they don't close because I don't want to go to the er.we are supposed to get 6to 12 inches.
Wow, what kind of van? Sounds very safe (for the owner, at least).

What's with all the ear infections?! Three of my four had them when everyone got sick over Christmas break. It was Elijah's first ear infection.

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