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January 21st, 2014, 11:27 AM
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Hope the house sells.

Sounds like a great idea repti hellen keller should be a holiday as well.

$420 for one month?!? wooww...we have gas heat and we could also use electric for heat too cus we have central air . I have not a clue how much our bills are monthly because dh takes of them but I think they are 200.

So went a little crazy at walmart last night, tanks with lace boarders are like 6 bucks, I got like every color they had and then some and socks socks socks...that place is my new addiction...I think I may buy my cleaning products from their rather than target cus that place is cheeeeeap!! love it!!!

to bad the clothes are poor quality but the diapers are cheaper there too. Still love target though.
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