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January 21st, 2014, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by sarha81 View Post
OOO, sounds like baby is trying to make an appearance! How exciting. I hope you get your vbac. yes, I agree, birth matters. I don't even care if I end up in an emergency C like last time. I just can't schedule an elective surgery when there's nothing wrong with me or baby.

I definitely dropped two weeks ago, and more so this week. My cervix is dilated a fingertip. I have had BH since my end of my first trimester, so I can't really count on that as a sign. I have my 37 wk ultrasound on Thursday and cannot wait to get another 3D pic and hear how big the doctor thinks this baby will be. I think he/she is going to be a chunky monkey
I hope he does. I'm a lot more uncomfortable this time around. I'm 38 weeks and hoping it's sooner rather than later lol. I'm starting to try what I can do safely to get him out lol. I'll have a growth ultrasound soon, but I don't take those too seriously because they can be so off.

Sounds like you're making progress, too!! Maybe we'll pop at the same time lol.

What I really hate hearing is all that matters is a healthy baby. The experience doesn't matter. Most people I've talked to are of that mindset. Mom's sanity matters too. DH tried to pull the "How would you feel if something you decided to do ended the worst way possible and our son died?". I immediately pointed out the gaping fallacy in that logic. What if I decided to have a csection and the worst happened? If he died under any circumstance during the delivery, I'd forever be wondering if I could have done anything differently. If it was a csection, I'd wonder if a natural delivery could have saved him and vice versa.
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