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January 21st, 2014, 08:33 PM
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What are your thoughts with the following scenario - homebirth in a state where it is illegal where a licensed midwife cannot attend, no access to oxygen, pitocin etc.

There is a post in the Sept DDC and while I fully support homebirth in a safe environment that just seemed to be a bit tooo risky kwim?

She also mentioned having her husband perform a direct transfusion from 2 attendees there should she need blood (ala combat medic style) (no testing or formal cross/match done before hand) and homeopathic remedies to STOP a hemorrhage should it occur. (Of which my doula and two doctors i've spoken with have never heard of such a thing and have told me that should that occur death is pretty much imminent)

Again, risk factors being low and properly trained and equipped medical staff present - my personal take is go for it. Am I totally out of whack for my line of thinking though?

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