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January 22nd, 2014, 06:11 AM
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Originally Posted by razzledobe View Post

What are your thoughts with the following scenario - homebirth in a state where it is illegal where a licensed midwife cannot attend, no access to oxygen, pitocin etc.

There is a post in the Sept DDC and while I fully support homebirth in a safe environment that just seemed to be a bit tooo risky kwim?

She also mentioned having her husband perform a direct transfusion from 2 attendees there should she need blood (ala combat medic style) (no testing or formal cross/match done before hand) and homeopathic remedies to STOP a hemorrhage should it occur. (Of which my doula and two doctors i've spoken with have never heard of such a thing and have told me that should that occur death is pretty much imminent)

Again, risk factors being low and properly trained and equipped medical staff present - my personal take is go for it. Am I totally out of whack for my line of thinking though?

It's normal to have those thoughts when reading of an unassisted birth, however I'm not too knowledgeable on backup care for unassisted births so your questions would best be answered on the homebirth board as there are much more knowledgeable women there who could answer you more indepth than I can!

There are some states that have made it illegal to home birth, and I'm completely against that so I understand a woman doing an unassisted birth, there is a lot that goes into planning one though, things that I know nothing about.

As for the blood transfusion, I don't know anything about that either except (the really cool fun fact) that coconut water is essentially the same as blood (plasma?) and was used in wars and still used for blood transfusions. Can't answer anything else in regards to a blood transfusion though

For the homeopathic remedies, it's not dangerous at all, and very very common with all types of homebirthing and birth center births, especially since it's illegal in some states for CNM and CPMs to carry pitocin with them they have to use other medicine, or more commonly, homeopathic remedies. Most conventional doctors do not know/understand the mechanics behind using anything other than highly processed drugs to take care of anything medically necessary. It's far and few in between (but such a blessing!) when you get a doc that gives the best of both worlds

So yea, sorry I couldn't answer your questions more specifically, I just know that a lot of thought/training etc goes into doing an unassisted birth and it's definitely not for everyone, but I fully support a woman's right to do so, as long as they're being smart about it.

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