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January 22nd, 2014, 06:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Ninky View Post
Not anymore. I used to get really stressed out about it, but after I figured out that I could just work it into my calorie needs, the stress went away. Although I can't eat things like value meals at McDonald's (too many calories), I can still enjoy some of their menu items. Same with Wawa, Subway, etc. Most restaurants have meals under 500 calories which are all quite tasty and reasonable too.

I've become a McDonald's freak lately, lol. I get a chicken nugget happy meal () with sweet & sour sauce and a fruit & yogurt parfait. Comes out to like 535 calories or something like that. I've become addicted to it, lol.
I like the fact that McDonald's lists their calories on the drivethru menu. It really helps to make smart choices. And I like Subway for the same reason. Pizza and other restaurants I always have to just guess on the calories. I used to do the chicken nuggets when I was pregnant because I had GD and it's really hard to eat low carb meals at McDonalds.

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