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January 22nd, 2014, 11:01 AM
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Hi All,

I'm 30 years old, healthy, petite, no major issues, etc. I went off birth control (after having been on them for 13 years straight) in late June 2013. The last period i had was July 8, 2013. So essentially my husband and I have been trying since then. I assumed things would just work themselves out and my body would return to normal within a couple months, unfortunately, that was not the case. I went 6 months without a period and finally saw the doctor. During the 6 months and even now, i see an acupuncturist weekly, i take herbal supplements, chart my temps, put on some body fat, and still nothing. The doctor said my blood tests showed low hormone levels. I asked if this was a result of the pill. She said by this time, the pill is out of the system and it could have been something I've always had but the pill masked it. Im not sure if i believe that since i was having a regular period before getting on the pill. She prescribed me progesterone which i took for 12 days. On day 13, i got my first period. As comforting as it was to know I got it, it was still in the back of my head that this was once again a medically induced period. So here i am a month later, hoping my period would come on its own but nothing happened. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, i took an ovulation predictor kit and it was negative. I called the doctor and she said i'm just not ovulating therefore she wants to put me back on progesterone for 10 days, then on day 3 of my period, i can start clomid. Have any of you experienced what I am experiencing and successfully got pregnant or can anyone give me some insight into Clomid. I did read a lot about it and it seems its fairly common and can help someone like me to ovulate. I also worry that if i do ovulate, will i have enough hormone levels to sustain the pregnancy. I am just lost and frustrated... Thanks!
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