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January 22nd, 2014, 11:44 AM
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I guess i'm in my own boat with this but I think facebook is WAY better than this forum personally.

Me and my other DDC never really got to know each other very well until we joined facebook. We made a facebook group pretty early in the pregnancy and we are VERY close. It didn't kill the board. Many of us continued to post on the boards as well, although I'd say right around when the babies were 9 months old the board slowed down and now no one posts on there. But we kept it up for a while.

I amy be on my own with my opinion but I guess its because I am in this group for support/advice/help/friendship and I think that is way easier to receive in a facebook group. It is so hard to get to know people through here. A conversation may take 3 days on here, but on facebook it would take 3 minutes.

I personally don't like sharing photos or personal information on here because its a public forum. EVERYONE and ANYONE can view what we are posting. I share what I feel comfortable with the entire internet knowing. Personal things I won't feel comfortable talking about until we make a private facebook group.

I will still stay here regardless and I"d love to join a facebook group whenever you guys create it...but if it were up to me it would have already been created, lol.

Another random thought, my friend used to be in a DDC on pregnancy weekly 10 years old. They stayed on that board forEVER, and then finally made a facebook group when the kids were like 6. My friend said she never really felt close with them until they made the facebook group.

It's private and the ONLY people who will see ours posts is us. So I don't really see the negatives in making one. I think it makes perfect sense.

Okay, that is all I definitely support whatever you guys choose and understand that I'm the only one that wants to make one now, but I will stay here and join one after the babies are born as well. Just thought I'd share my opinion

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