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January 22nd, 2014, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Joanne Nicole View Post
Half of these aren't "this or that" for me, but "neither or in-between"

Coffee or Tea - Coffee, coffee, coffee!
Pepsi or Coke - Neither, don't drink any pop
Adventurous or Tropical vacation - Between the two, tropical...but I'd rather go somewhere snowy and gorgeous and luxuriate by the fire with a book and coffee and/or a boozy drink.
Shower or Bath - Shower for cleanliness, bath for relaxation
Socks and Shoes or Bare Foot - barefoot
Black or White - white
Target or Walmart - Target
Blond or Brunette - Neither, auburn all the way! Although if I wasn't a red-head, I'd want raven black hair with purple highlights

(True to form, I've taken something simple, and over-complicated it with excessive rambling.)
Its totally ok

Pepsi to drink, Coke to mix with alcohol
Tropical all the way!
Shower since its quick and I'm lucky I have enough time for that lol
Bare foot. Can't wait for warmer weather again

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