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January 22nd, 2014, 06:44 PM
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I'm glad I'm not alone as well Elly - seriously, all I read is how so many babies are sleeping 8-12 hrs straight at night now. My brother's baby was born in Sept and she sleeps 12 solid hrs a night and naps twice a day for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs each. Makes me feel like I've done something seriously wrong with Lilah.

Today she napped for 10 min in the morning, then was up until 12:30pm - she went SEVEN hours without napping (except for the 10 min). To me, that's insane for an 8 month old. When she did nap, it was for 1 hour. After that she fell asleep in the car going to get my oldest from school, and napped another 30 min at 3pm. That was it until she went to bed at 7. I wouldn't care so much if she slept at night, it would kind of make up for it, but she doesn't.....she's up to eat a couple times and then up rolling around and crawling around other times. I feel so bad for my other two girls. They sleep through all of it at night, but she does wake them in the morning when she's up for the day.

Kary - I can't do CIO. I, too, feel like I'm going to puke listening to her cry! I can't do it. I tried it once or twice with Lilah and only let her go maybe 10 min before I went in. She seems to be an exception to that rule as well - she just gets herself SO worked up that she won't go to sleep. If I go in and console her, then leave again, she absolutely loses it.

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