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January 22nd, 2014, 07:38 PM
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Many of you read and responded to my post a few weeks ago about our furbaby, Runway. Basically, we thought he was completely paralyzed and needed a $3,000-5,000 or would need to be put down. I took him to see a couple different vets and did tons of research. After everything I heard and read we decided that we would try a conservative treatment first and then play it by ear. Obviously the timing is not great right now! Not only the baby, but we just started an expensive finishing project on our basement. Not to mention all of the other fun expenses life decides to throw at us! But I just couldn't imagine putting him down, he's only 5 years old!

Come to find out, there is a ton of information on the internet about dachshunds and particularly this disk disease that is very common. I found some great support groups that have really put my mind at ease and literally answered hundreds of my questions! It hasn't necessarily changed our treatment but it has definitely made me feel better.

Anyway, a few weeks ago he was completely dragging his back legs, like his belly was on the ground. He didn't wag his tail and it just hung there limply. His legs pretty much looked like noodles, they were soo floppy! His paws would knuckle and his feet would cross when we took him out to use the bathroom. It was so hard to watch and made me a nervous wreck .

Three weeks later he is wagging his tail regularly and can move his back legs! We use a sling on his back legs to support his weight and with this he can walk! He actually puts the pads of his paws on the ground and takes steps. I support the majority of his weight but he does put pressure on them. He even tries to stand up in his crate. He still falls over because he cannot support his weight, but he is so much better than he was! I honestly can't believe it!

Everything I have read says that 8 weeks crate rest is a MUST. Considering we are only 3 weeks in, I'm feeling pretty good about his progress. The vet says he may never be able to do everything he did before, but we are out of the "danger zone" of needing to be put down- as long as we keep letting him heal and don't let him re-injure himself.

The crate rest is driving him (and the rest of us) crazy! The construction in the basement isn't helping either. I actually got some tranquilizers for him today because I don't want him to hurt himself getting all riled up.

So this turned into an entire novel, but just wanted to update everyone. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts! They are very appreciated and keep them coming
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