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January 22nd, 2014, 08:36 PM
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Alexander is a very powerful name. You wouldn't think so because it seems so popular but it's all about making sure your child knows that isn't just the sort of name that you walk around with, it's a name that you uphold.

I'm not kidding my Alexander is probably the most ambitious, regal acting 11 year old in the world. If he doesn't at least become an important part of history or government I will be very surprised.

But the same goes for any name. So many people think that the obligations of naming your kid stops with the birth certificate, then the kindergarten papers. But that is so not true. If you don't really let your kids know WHY you picked that name, WHY it suited them at birth or in a dream even, WHY it was an important enough of a name to grace your child then honestly it becomes nothing better than a label. When I say label, I mean like printed out pattern of symbols to id one object from another. Your kids name is the first important decision you make for their future.

With that being said, yes I do have a son named Draco. Did I really think that one out? I can't be sure. Does his temperament suit his name meaning? By all means, yes. Do I have nightmares that one day my son will lead masses of demons to take over the world? Well, no but now that I have put that thought in my head. lmao. But I have faith that he is being raised to know the power behind his name. The lineage behind his Irish middle name and the serenity of having Abbott as a middle name. I'm hoping they balance out. (Might I add that I'm fairly new to Christianity. I was not a believer until after my youngest was born. I hadn't even read the Bible. But now after naming my son "dragon", I wish I had started earlier.)

Ramble done. lol
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