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January 23rd, 2014, 04:26 AM
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It's like she goes through short phases. A while back, I was letting her fuss when I'd put her down for naps, but the fussing often escalated into screaming, at which point I'd have to go get her. This went on for a week or two, and then it's like a switch was flipped and she started going down easily for naps for a while. Now she's back to freaking out every time I try to put her down.

I've heard sleep begets sleep. My thing is that even if I get her to sleep, she sleeps for 30-40 min.....and I can't make her sleep any longer. When she's up, she's up. So even if I do get her down for naps, they are never long.

Last night she was up twice - both times to eat, neither time would she go back to sleep without a bottle. It really seems to me like she's actually hungry, but I could be wrong. She was up at midnight and 3am. So she went 5 hrs, 3hrs, then another 3 hrs since she was up at 6am today.

I know every baby is different, but it's just so hard to see that MOST babies this age are sleeping well and napping decently too.

My middle daughter was naturally a great sleeper, and still is. My first daughter wasn't as good of a sleeper as my middle, but definitely not as bad a sleeper as Lilah. Now though, she sleeps like a rock!

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