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January 23rd, 2014, 06:17 AM
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I had a monitoring appointment this morning and I am kind of discouraged...

After increasing my meds for three days, I only have 3 that are now at the measurable point, with still a lot of smaller ones that can catch up. I know I am responding a lot slower than when I did this 2.5 years ago because by this point, they were decreasing my meds already. I have a feeling when they call today, they will either keep me at 225 or even increase it.

I know the quanity shouldn't matter, because it does only take one, but I know the original number you start off with decreases right away. I just have to starting hoping that first we will have SOMETHING, and that whatever they do get, the quality will be good enough. I am kinda nervous. I mean, I know there are two worse case scenerios that put us right back in a fresh cycle, which is nothing is viable, or we try a fresh but have no frozen but that fresh doesn't work. I am okay with doing another fresh cycle right away, I just hope they can tweak my protocal if I don't have a good response this time.

I know 2.5 years have passed, I am older, a little heavier (last few lbs of baby weight still ;o(, I am always on the go with Olivia - I think I need to adjust and accept that with my lifestyle being different, of course my response would be different. It just seems like such a different response, it kind of kicks ya in the gut!

But, I know have heard of so many wonderful ladies having success with a low amount and I am going to hold on to those and hope that can be me too!

Now, waiting for the nurse to call me back is going to make this for a very long afternoon!
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