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January 23rd, 2014, 08:52 AM
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Congratulations, so exciting!! 15 week ultrasounds are so much fun, right? It's amazing to see the little arms and legs and just fall so in love with such a tiny person .

Anyway, in really happy for you that your finance's family is so wonderful and supportive. It will definitely make it easier to get through the negativity from your side. There's no way you can force them to be excited for you right now or stop them from saying hurtful things. However, although they may not get excited about your pregnancy, they will totally fall in love with your baby. So give them time, let them have a chance to give up on their personal dreams for you and realize that you are living your dream and happy and successful. They will come around-- maybe not while you're still pregnant, but that sweet baby will melt their hearts.

Best wishes, keep us posted, and I encourage you to join a due date board here on just mommies-- it's a lot of fun to connect with other moms due the same time you are!
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