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January 23rd, 2014, 12:18 PM
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I would really like another baby. I have a daughter already. I've been haven't cramps, my lower back has been killing me, I started spotting yesterday which I was suppose to get my period till the 24. And when I first get my period it's heavy. Like this just isn't like my normal period. My breast have been sore and heavy for almost a week and a half. I don't remember my other pregnancy really. But I do remember I bleed like I am now. On October 2,2011 I thought I was just having my period but it want normal. I took a home pregnancy test October 30th, 2011. And it came out I was pregnant. Could I possibly be pregnant again? And this is just implantion bleeding. Please help. I took three pregnancy test a week apart and the all came back negative. Also I've been very tired lately. And I've been throwing up like crazy. When can I test again. And how do I know for sure if it's Ib (implantation bleeding). But this is normal flow for me at all and I never get my period two days early. And I have cramps every now and than.
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