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January 24th, 2014, 04:17 AM
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Last night I gave her a bunch of sweet potato right after bath, so right before bed. She hates sweet potato out of a jar, but LOVES it when I make it home made (hence the reason I've stopped buying jarred baby food!) she ate a bunch of it. She then played for 20 min, had her bedtime bottle (5oz), and went to bed. She slept until 1am.....a record for her lately. She had a bottle, then slept until 5:30am and was up for the day. I don't remember a night when she was only up once to eat. I'm going to try to feed her some food again tonight after bath and see if that's what's helping.

As for naps - I'm so glad when I read that Lilah isn't the only one taking short naps. My other two, by this age, napped longer. Also, because Lilah takes such short naps throughout the day, she still needs an evening she can't eat dinner with us which sucks - we usually put her down around 5pm and she sleeps for 30 min. She does NOT want to go down for that nap, she fights it like crazy, but I don't think she'd make it to 7pm without it. That is my least favourite nap to get her down for.

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