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January 24th, 2014, 10:46 AM
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Hi,new here. I'm driving myself crazy. All HPT's NEGATIVE. I'm 30, 155lbs.very regular periods. Sex-12/20 (not protected-no b.c) Period was expected 1/5,Came 1/17 (I've never been late) Started with brown/old blood that a.m. was regular feeling period for 24 hours/Day2 I only used 2 tampons (really dark brown blood)that's half what I use.No blood that night on pad.Day3-barely covered tampon.Day4/5-very light spotting light tanish/brown color.COULD THIS BE DECIDUAL BLEEDING? It's the strangest period I've ever had!SYMPTOMS:constipation,nasal congestion, minor headaches,fatigue,indigestion,white milky discharge before strange bleeding,last week nothing sounded good to eat.I've lost about 3lbs. I'm not sick or throwing up.. its just nothing sounds good to eat and I'm usually a great eater. Heightened smell,foot odor, breast feel slightly larger, lower back ache, increased sex drive. I'd be 6 1/2 weeks. Any thoughts or experiences would greatly help. I've been researching non-stop! Thank you in advance.
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