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January 24th, 2014, 02:18 PM
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Ok, so I joined today because I am about to start the first round of hormones and the nerves are getting the better of me. "What if", every day and night.

Background: My husband and I found out in October 2013 he is, basically, infertile. The doctors said we could conceive on our own, its not impossible, but highly miraculously unlikely... I believe he said 1 or 2% chance? Yeah. So onward! Many tests later and here we are.

Once I start my cycle, I start the hormones. BCP first, then Gonal F, and a couple others could be added on top of this. I have never given myself a shot before. I have taken BCP only once for 2 months, because I became such a raging hormonal b*tch on them my parents threatened to kick me out, and I wouldn't have blamed them. And Im basically just scared. I go end of Feb for my first retrieval / implantation. Thankfully my insurance is good and covers this, so its not that bad about cost, but what are the pain levels and what can I expect?
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