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January 24th, 2014, 02:33 PM
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Hi jracine :-)

I just did my first retrieval yesterday. I was on Gonal F, hCG then Cetrotide was added a few days in to prevent ovulation. The shots weren't fun but it really wasn't that bad. The first night was nerve wracking trying to figure it all out and then it got to be routine for the next week. I'd say the discomfort you may feel in your ovaries towards the end is the worst part but still not too bad. The only side effects I felt were being a little weepy some days. I was much "crazier" on ovulation induction meds.

The retrieval was quick and easy. I was a little sore and tired yesterday but nothing Extra-Strength Tylenol couldn't fix. There was light spotting that is pretty much gone already today. I haven't done a transfer yet so can't tell you anything there.

That's wonderful that your insurance covers it - definitely removes some stress from the situation. Good luck to you and take it one day at a time
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