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January 24th, 2014, 02:48 PM
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Prendy, HANG IN THERE GIRL!! My follies actually went up or stayed the same from my AFC...but I only usually had 6-9 to begin with .... and even from April to November I went from 11 follies to 5. The Dr. said that even though it says the dosage of the meds is 75, it can be anywhere from 60-90, so maybe you just got a lower dose of meds this time, thus, you need more. I do understand though, I went from 4 vials of bravelle a day (300 to 525!) to 7 vials! - but I still squeaked out great follies, actually it was the first time I got to a d5 transfer and the embryos were perfect. So you just never know!!

I only got 4 the cycle that gave me are still early and so much can change....I had 8 follies at my last u/s and then went on to retrieve 11!! much can change and happen....

But, on the other hand, if for some reason this doesn't work out (BUT I BET IT WILL)..... I am all for changing protocol. I'm doing an estrogen priming's supposed to reduce the chance of having a front runner follie and make them all grow more at the same speed, as well as be better for poor responders, like me, who have a lower AFC on CD3.

Best of luck to you, I'm pulling for you!

FLHopeful, glad it all went well, everything crossed for you!

WElcome Jracine!! glad you have Ins coverage, you are a minority!! They won't even cover my pregnancy tests!! The shots were pretty easy, to me. I do the progesterone in oil as well....but ask if you have any questions!! We're all here to help. Will you be on lupron? Everyone says that is the worst one of them all re moodiness. I didn't notice too much with the meds. I hope the bcp's don't treat you bad!!!! ((HUGS)) and best of luck to you!
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