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January 25th, 2014, 10:53 AM
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Kelley, I'm pretty sure I know when I o'ed, back on the 15th. Your test was faint line mine but yours you can def tell it is pink, unlike mine. Thanks for thread update info. I don't know...I need more tests tonight!

Mel, I took it midday, did not use fmu. Yea, your right....I've already scavenged for answers and I found tons of women not getting bfp on frer till a few days late, week, late, even 2 weeks late....but I got bfp on frer right around this time with dd.

Lily, OMG, I know, I think's not that I'm in denial, I'm just scared because none of these lines have been dark. But your right, proofs in the pudding...they are all faint (faint is still +) and af never came, and a few other things that are norm pg symptoms for me. I'm just still scared cause what IF they are all evaps, Lil!

2/10/14 @ 6w3d

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