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January 25th, 2014, 01:57 PM
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She's doing fine now. It take take a few days for her to go back to normal. She was certainly crabby when the reaction started and for the rest of the day as well. Safe to say, no more kiwi for this little girl. lol.

I am not allergic to anything and as far as I know, neither is my boyfriend. So we're both uneducated with the whole thing. Luckily, I don't like kiwi! Haha. Sad to say I'll have to give up my milk when she's older since she is still lactose sensitive as well. Oh my, lol.

I heard that strawberries is a very common allergen as well. Unfortunately we haven't given Adelyn any strawberries yet and won't be able to until this first reaction goes away.
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