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January 25th, 2014, 03:33 PM
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My dr didn't think I had PCOS because I don't show the physical symptoms of it. But my FSH and LH levels are showing differently. Your FSH and LH levels are apparently suppose to be around the same, and my LH level is double my FSH level, which is indicative of PCOS.

I'm kind of sad, but that would explain why I don't ovulate.

This also made my mind up for me about the IUI. We are definitely going to go full speed ahead and do the IUI in a few weeks. I've heard that people with PCOS have success with IUIs more than if they try timed-intervourse, so we are going for it.

Anyone else have PCOS or any advice? I have been officially diagnosed, but I'm sure that's what my dr is going to tell me I have at my next appointment.
Stopped BCP & began TTC in January 2013- no ovulation, no cycles for 3 months
May-July 2013- provera cycles with no ovulation
August/September 2013-50 mg clomid cycles with no ovulation
October 2013- SA revealed low motility--referred to RE
January 2014- DHs repeat SA came back "normal"! I was diagnosed with PCOS
February 2014- IUI #1 on Valentine's Day with 2 mature follicles- BFN
March 2014- BCP to clear up cysts
April 2014- IUI #2 on 4/9/14 with 3 mature follicles and 3 catching up! BFP at 10dpiui!!!!!! So thankful!!! Beta #1 @ 13 DPO- 167; Beta #2 @ 15 DPO- 384!

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