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January 25th, 2014, 10:42 PM
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Well I have been slacking so i hope I don't miss anyone!

Leah- 15 free vials of Bravelle!? Wow!!! Oh and you won't be needing that trial because this is it darling!!!!!!! We are gettin' knocked up this time!!!

Jill- sorry you are back Trust me I feel for you!! I took Ganerilex but that was right before the ER. I don't remember much about it so it must have been an uneventful injection? How sad that i am now getting confused as to what the hell I have taken...

Prendy- I agree with Leah! So much can change so quickly! Try to relax (easier said than done) and picture those beautiful follies growing!!

jracine - Welcome! I think you skipped the most painful part, the financial pinch! LOL!! All kidding aside the only injection that bothers me is the progesterone in oil. All the others I do myself in the stomach and are easy if you get past the mental part of it. I try and think of my best friend who has had Type 1 diabetes and had to do injections since the age of seven! If he can endure all these years, surely i can endure this!

flhopeful- can;t wait to hear your fertilization report!!!!

AFM- I went in Thurs fir a scan and blood work. Everything looks good to start Lupron tomorrow and transfer will be a month from tomorrow! eeks!!
Stupid me didn't even look at my calendar and had NO IDEA I was starting Lupron this weekend! I even had to ask when i stop BCP which i guess is next week
Thank goodness fertility lifelines are so great We just transferred to them!
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