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January 25th, 2014, 10:47 PM
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Here is our official sign up for our adorable sprout that Joanne made!

Official rules

1. Your sprout will visit for 2 weeks.
2. When you are ready to send your sprout to the next person in line PM, Lyndsey for the name of the next person in line. PM the person you are sending the sprout to for their address.
3. You must provide tracking when you ship your sprout.
4. Failure to send the sprout to the next person will result in removal from future exchanges. This will be only if you keep the veggie for over a month. We get that things come up and happen. There will be a 2 week grace period. And we will send a PM to remind you to send the sprout.
5. In the event that our sprout is lost while in your possession (not once mailed) you will be responsible for providing the materials to remake our sprout. USPS provides 50 dollars of insurance once shipped so if it's lost in the mail it will be covered.
6. Take a picture of your June sprout with our traveling sprout and add it to the album.
7. On the stationary cards sigh your name and the date of the sprouts travels.
8. When you receive the sprout please let me know so I can update the dates list!
I think that's it! I can't wait to see our sprout and its travels!

Sign up below if you are participating! I will update this with a lose schedule of when you might receive the sprout. First and last will be Joanne.

Joanne- jan 27- Feb 10th
Stephanie Feb 22nd-March 8th
Jess- MArch 7th-March 21st.
Angie March 22nd-April 5th

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