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January 26th, 2014, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by jellybean93 View Post
I remember when I was first diagnosed, it felt as good as a death sentence. All I heard was "infertile". It's not so bad though, you learn to deal with it. One of my close friends has PCOS too and she conceived naturally. My mom has it and conceived 5 naturally. I have conceived once but it was unfortunately a chemical pregnancy.

Will they be running more tests than just your LH/FSH levels? Testosterone, insulin, glucose, cholesterol and prolactin are a few of the tests they ran for me. She also did an internal scan to check for cysts.

A low GI diet and an hour of cardio a day does wonders in bringing ovulation on! I am just too darn lazy to stick with it

Clomid alone would be great, that is our next plan of action after the wedding. I don't know much, if anything, about IUI's but I hope you have success with it!

For me personally, the biggest thing I needed to prep myself for was the very high miscarriage rate (around 65%). Metformin helps to greatly reduce that risk though and it has also shown to help ovulation. I am on it but will be increasing to a stronger dosage at my appt. in Feb, as my dosage right now is just not strong enough for my body.

Good luck and please keep us updated!!

Thank you so much! And yes they ran a lot of tests on me. My insulin levels are good and my testosterone and prolactin were in normal range as far as I can tell. My testosterone was 30 and my insulin was 3. Is that testosterone high?? I'm going in next week to discuss results, get an ultrasound, and start the IUI process

Originally Posted by klmart6 View Post
Did your doctor do an u/s to confirm that diagnosis? Elevated lh by itself doesn't determine if you have pcos. I have thin pcos meaning I have no weight issues or insulin resistance just mild hair growth, elevated androgen levels and irregular periods. I think of it as an obstacle to having babies is all. Only thing it took me to get pregnant with DD is Femara days 3-7, BD twice the old fashioned way and that's it. Good luck to you!
I'm getting an ultrasound next week when I go in to start the IUI process. I guess they'll tell me then. But my insulin levels are good and I am thin as well. My dr actually wants me to gain a little weight. He said if I have PCOS I have a very atypical case of it because I don't have any of the outward signs besides irregular periods.
Stopped BCP & began TTC in January 2013- no ovulation, no cycles for 3 months
May-July 2013- provera cycles with no ovulation
August/September 2013-50 mg clomid cycles with no ovulation
October 2013- SA revealed low motility--referred to RE
January 2014- DHs repeat SA came back "normal"! I was diagnosed with PCOS
February 2014- IUI #1 on Valentine's Day with 2 mature follicles- BFN
March 2014- BCP to clear up cysts
April 2014- IUI #2 on 4/9/14 with 3 mature follicles and 3 catching up! BFP at 10dpiui!!!!!! So thankful!!! Beta #1 @ 13 DPO- 167; Beta #2 @ 15 DPO- 384!

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