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January 26th, 2014, 07:13 PM
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I was a foreign exchange student and my roomate was Cambodian. Her name was Srey (pronounced sir-RAY with the "sir" being a very soft sound).

Here's audio:
How to Pronounce Srey - - YouTube

At 17, I was sure I'd use the name if I ever had a girl. My roomate thought that was a great idea- as the name meant "girl" and apparently is quite popular (and she loved her name- its just so pretty!)

Well, my husband isn't sold on it. Our rules for naming are no more than 3 syllables, easy to spell, not on any top 100 lists, and: when someone reads it they intuitively can pronounce it.

It is the last rule he says this name is breaking. So the question is: did you get the right pronounciation? If not- any suggestions for a spelling change?

I've thought of "Serey" as "e" before "r" is traditionally pretty soft.
Sirey I think looks like Sir-ee

Ugh! Good thing is I still have 8 months to convince DH I'm right, lol. His top picks aren't bad, though: Joan or Annabel. I love both of those, too. Truth is, I love most girl names
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