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January 27th, 2014, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by amberbanegas View Post
Look at mine from 13DPO…. LIGHT
photo-8.jpg Photo by ambermaye3 | Photobucket

A line is a line! That is all you need… Faint or dark… A LINE! Do you have the one that makes the POSITIVE sign or DIGI tests there? I think that you should get one of those. Do not freak yourself out.

I see a ling in the last picture… Did you see a line as well?

It is still early! VERY early!

Hi Amber!!
Thank you for your answer.
I looked your tests, There is a line for sure, but yes some on the tests you had also at this time faint line. It gives me a confidence.
Thank you for sharing.
DIGI test we don't have either...and there is no point at this time to order thouse and buy thouse vi takes time, because they are coming from another countries.
But I go to pharmacy also today and ask about very sensitive tests.
I am not freakin out, but this lack of knowledge, is crazy--- this I cant handle...I am not overthinking, but Just wanna know,, AM I or AM I not.. omg my BETA is alreaqdy on Thursday... oh goodness.. I have to have for this time 2 stripes please please please..So I would be comfortable to go there.
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