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January 27th, 2014, 06:40 PM
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Originally Posted by colette20 View Post
My DF is super super laid back. Too laid back. Usually not pregnant me just deals with it, and the fact that I am not laid back evens things out.

However, right now, EVERYTHING is a huge deal to me. His laid back attitude either sends me into a fire breathing dragon, or a crying mess. I feel like all I need is for him to PRETEND to care. He doesn't actually have to think everything is a huge deal like I do, but he needs to fake it.

Last night I spat out like 40 girls names and he barely acted interested and shot everything down with a negative comment. I'm like, remember last time when we were two weeks from the due date and we had no names? I dont want to go through that again. This is our child, act interested in naming him/her, it's kind of a big decision. He was still meh.

Sometimes I just wanna kick him. lol
DH is like that with everything. I really wish I could not care about stuff like he does. I'm stressed constantly. He lives in a little bubble where there are rainbows and candy. It really must be nice.

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