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January 28th, 2014, 01:02 PM
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I am new to AP, but think it is the route I want to take with baby #2. I think I was somewhat AP with my first but not to the extent I'd like to be with this one. I co-slept with my first and thats about it. Anyways my question. My oldest son will be 7 next month and he lives with his dad(for school, didnt want to make him transfer schools). He sleeps in his own room just fine at his dads house, however when he is with me or my parents for weekends and vacations etc, he prefers to sleep with me or my parents as opposed to his own bed. Is it normal for a almost 7yr old to still want to sleep with mom? I think it may partially be because I am having a second baby now and maybe he feels like he wont get as much attention once the baby gets here? But Im not sure because he is super excited about being a big brother and talks about the baby constantly.

Also, any good advice for me when it comes to AP?

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